Kendrick Lamar Believes He Saw A UFO & Says He Was ‘Probably’ Abducted By Aliens

Earlier this week, Grammy award winning rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar was interviewed on The Howard Stern Show. Though they discussed a plethora of topics revolving around his music career, what really made me jump on this story was a personal experience he mentioned relating to a topic we know very well here at CE: UFO sightings and the possibility of abduction.

He starts off by admitting he doesn’t have much spare time for extracurricular activities, but has been diving more into astrology recently because he “just loves it.” And this is where it gets interesting. He then goes on to mention that his love for astrology may come from an experience he had when he was just six years old.

The 30-year-old rapper claims to have spotted an unidentified flying object during his younger years, and while nobody has ever believed him, he insists he is not exaggerating about the “surreal moment”

He said, “Nobody believed me then and [nobody] believes me now. I probably shouldn’t even be talking about it… [but] I’m going to stand my ground. It’s just something I can’t really describe, because it just sounds like, ‘OK, you just saw a dart go past.’ That shit don’t make sense … I remember this. Words just can’t describe – it was just a surreal moment.”

He went on to explain that what he saw as a child left a lasting impression on him. When show co-host Robin Quivers wondered whether he got abducted and asked what his thoughts were, Kendrick laughingly replied, “I probably did. That’s probably why I’m doing music right now. Who knows. They probably gave me the energy.”

Kendrick has insisted there is another life form in the world ever since he spotted the UFO. In past interviews he has even claimed he has “for sure” seen ghosts, and that when he told his mother about the UFO, she did not believe him — and still doesn’t to this day. His recollection of the very event goes as follows:

We was in Compton, we was on our little balcony on the stairway, she was sitting, drinking her little champagne or wine, I’ll never forget it. And just a dart, a flash – just ch-ch-ch-ch – not the flash like it’s a shooting star, multiple flashes was in the sky. I’ll never forget that, and that was my encounter, and still to this day, I know there is something else out there. …Man, they still don’t believe me, I hope you’ll be the first to believe me.

Many people of influence are coming forward with their own personal experiences, philosophies, and truths. Just take a look at what Jim Carey has been dropping on the media as of late. The important thing to note here is that we are here living a human experience, co-existing and co-creating our realities. The more we bring forth our individual experiences, stories, and understanding, the more open and accepting we can become of others, on and of all realms.

Sure, this is a celebrity talking about something that to this day only sci-fi has really touched on — but let’s take a deeper look within. There are plenty of stories out there from people of all beliefs, from various regions, ages, etc., and all seem to have a similar foundation, vibe, and certainty when it comes to their encounters and sightings.

Whether you are a believer or not, we can’t dismiss the fact that the current proof and numbers are rising regarding alien life and advanced intelligence; the question now becomes, Why do you believe this is? Do you believe there are other life forms out there beyond our planet?

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