Agent Orange; World’s Deadliest Secret Service Agent

Secret Agents are used in peace times to gather important intelligence information and they are also used during war to inflict destruction on enemy. Our Agent “Agent Orange” was a war time agent. He served in Vietnam for USA in US-Vietnam war. Eventually he became a double agent like “David headly” and started operating against US soldiers back in Vietnam. He killed US soldiers there and then came back and killed them in USA too. In the history no other agent has killed more people on both sides than “Agent Orange”.Americans were loosing Vietnam war due to guerilla warfare of Vietnamese and their ability to ambush and then vanish in dense forests.So mission of “Agent Orange” was to clear the countryside of all vegetation and denying cover to guerilla forces. The Agent did his work so efficiently that not only all the vegetation was destroyed but health of thousands of soldiers on both sides was destroyed.

Agent orange was not a code name of a spy but it was a “herbicide” i.e a chemical used to kill vegetation. 72 million liters of agent orange was sprayed over jungles of Vietnam. Name “Agent Orange” was derived from the orange markings on the drums in which the chemical was shipped.

This chemical had one of the deadliest poison known to man; dioxin TCDD. 80 gm of this is enough to destroy whole Mumbai or Delhi and US forces sprayed 170 kilograms on Vietnam.

After It stripped the jungles bare and it caused Down”s syndrome, defective births, skin disease, cancer and mental disorders. 150000 children were born with twisted and deformed limbs. 3 million people were exposed to this poison in Vietnam and whopping 1 million people got serious health problems.


This shows how bad a country like USA can be ?? They jeopardized health of 3 million people just for a strategic gain in a irrelevant war far away from their home.


When Victims of this tragedy filed cases against US, USA gave compensation of $1500/month to its own citizens affected and at the same time just gave meager $5 to Vietnamese victims. Such high level of morality and values they always boast.

This agent orange was made by Dow Chemicals which also owns Union Carbide company responsible for Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

So many people died , So many children were born with birth defects, people got cancer , people got mental condition..but for what purpose??? To serve some greedy men???

World has so many such unheard stories of destruction to our environment and humanity.

Like we care ????

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